Coronavirus (Covid-19) Catch Up Premium

We recognise that impact that the Covid-19 lockdown has had on children's emotional wellbeing and on their learning. 


In terms of learning, we have been allocated £ 4760 for the academic year 2020 - 2021. 


Staff have assessed and highlighted the learning needs of children within their classes and we are planning provision accordingly to meet those needs:


Due to classes having to self isolate, the assessment of the children is ongoing.

We envisage that time-limited interventions will be used to support individual children and groups with securing gaps in their learning. 



All intervention is based on pre-assessment.  Individual children's targets have been produced from that assessment.  Progress towards those targets is assessed at the end of each intervention session and at the end of each half term.  

The impact of our spending will be monitored termly by the Pupils and Curriculum Committee of our Governing Body.