Home learning ready

During the national lockdown, Emmanuel Holcombe provided daily online learning to ensure that children continued to have access to high quality education whilst at home.

Learning was taught remotely by the class teachers, using video's and explanations of the days learning. Work was set for the children to complete, this was returned and the class teacher would provide feedback.


A whole school zoom video assembly helped to keep everyone connected. 

The feedback we received was extremely positive including how good it was to see and hear the teachers every day, 'the work set kept my child interested in learning,' 'my child was keen to please their teacher.' 

From September 

If your child is off school self isolating, the learning being taught in school, will be set online using the Oak academy or BBC bite size. Your child's class teacher will direct you to content.

If we have to close a year group, lessons will be taught using the Seesaw app. The class teacher will send video presentations and tasks for the children to complete. These will then be assessed by the teacher and feedback given. You can also send messages to the class teacher and share any other learning that is undertaken at home. 

If you have any concerns or challenges using the Seesaw or Tapestry apps, please let us know and we can show you how it works. 

From January 

Learning will be set remotely using video's and explanations of the days learning. An overview of learning is published so that the week's learning can be seen at a glance. The children's work will be assessed and feedback given - this is normally the first part of the next lesson rather than a comment attached to the work. 

Physical packs have been sent home including maths work books, a home learning journal, handwriting books and a range of writing implements to enable children to record their learning in. This reduces the amount of time a child needs to be in front of a screen and ensures that children maintain hand strength and are writing daily.