At Emmanuel Holcombe , we ensure that we provide the best environment for the children to learn in. We take into account different learning styles, sensory and mental health needs in our decisions regarding learning spaces. We look to ensure that the 3 main dimensions of classroom design (naturalness, stimulation and individualisation) are optimized (research by Barrett et al 2015 into flexible classroom) and are carefully planned to enhance learning. Our classrooms are flexible and allow children to chose where to learn and give opportunity to move throughout the sessions. Please see each classroom page of details of the classroom set ups.

We have two dedicated quiet/ sensory areas within school to allow children to  explore and develop their sensory skills, or to take time to get themselves ready to learn.

Even though we are situated on a steep hill, we have extensive outdoor space at the side and back of school. We have created 3 outdoor learning spaces, an amphitheatre where we hold our worship and services, 3 mud kitchens, a loose parts construction area, a fire pit, 2 sandpits, planting areas, digging areas and space to relax and socialise.

School entrance

entrance hall
aournd school 2
around school 7
around school 6

Our entrance hall was decorated by our own very talented Mrs. Dearden.  We love the way our entrance hall shows off our school values.