Our Emmanuel Holcombe curriculum is designed  to  enable our children to leave us in Year 6 with the knowledge, skills and experiences that they can  build upon in high school and beyond, to foster a love of learning and to be an active citizen in society.  Our curriculum covers all areas of the 

National Curriculum, however, this only makes up part of our teaching. We ensure that our curriculum also covers physical, mental, spiritual, cultural and intellectual health . Every child in school is given  the opportunity to question, take risks, work with a range of adults and make a meaningful contribution to the local community. Six times a year, the whole school share  cross curricular themed weeks. The emphasis of this is the teaching of transferable life skills, enhance our Church and community links and exploring new activities and opportunities. 

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Theme weeks      Music      P.E.      R.E.      History/ Geography      PSHCE      Languages

For further information about the curriculum, please speak initially to your child's class teacher. 

For further information, please contact the head teacher emmanuelholcombe@bury.gov.uk

TEL: 01706 823498

FAX: 01706 828 592

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