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Vision and Values

vision statement.PNG

What does it mean to be a pupil at Emmanuel Holcombe CE Primary School? 

It means:

  • You are a member of an inclusive and nurturing Christian family.

  • You are encouraged and supported to be the best that you can be.

  • All adults work tirelessly to ensure that you attain your true and fullest potential, in all areas of our carefully planned and sequenced curriculum.

  • You are taught by experienced and skilful teachers, who will teach you the essential knowledge and skills from the National Curriculum.

  • You will experience a broad range of rich and varied extra curricular experiences.

  • You are celebrated as an individual.

  • Your needs are identified early and you are given the support you need to thrive.

  • Your mental health and well-being is prioritised. 

  • You are taught our Rainbow Rules to Listen well, Work hard, Be respectful, Be positive Be Honest, and Be Polite. 

  • You are prepared for life beyond our walls and you are taught the skills you need to become an active, happy and responsible citizen.

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