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A warm welcome to the Beech class family. Beech class is our year 3 and year 4 children, taught by an experienced team of teachers and teaching assistants. At Emmanuel Holcombe, we strive to provide a rich and varied curriculum and to offer learning opportunities which encourage children to become independent, resilient, life long learners. We firmly believe that happy, calm, children, who feel supported and loved, achieve their full potential.


Mrs Thomond teaches the class and is supported by Mrs Hughes and Mrs Brewer.

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Our Curriculum

At Emmanuel Holcombe we place huge importance on mental well-being and outdoor learning. We believe it is really important to spend time getting to know the children and allow time for the children to connect with each other. As such, we have calm and happy children, who are ready to learn.



Our Classroom

We aim to create warm and welcoming classrooms, that are vibrant and stimulating.

Please make an appointment with the office to arrange a visit!

Inside Our Classroom

Our Sunshine Room

We have our own sensory room in Beech Class, our 'Sunshine Room.' It is a wonderful space with lamps, cushions and sensory activities. 



Welcome to Beech

Here is our Welcome letter for September 2022. It will inform you of everything you need to know ready to start in September.

Class Timetable

Here you will find our weekly timetable.

Please take a look at all the trips and visitors we have booked this year.

Trip Overview

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings

Here you can view the statutory spelling list that the children will learn during year 3 and 4

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