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Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs A Longstaff, Acting Headteacher, DSL
Mrs B Clough, Assistant Head for Quality of Education
Mrs J Thomond, Assistant Head for Inclusion, SENCO, Deputy DSL

Teaching Staff
Mr T Martin, Acorn Class Teacher (Preschool & Reception)

Mrs Clough, Willow Class Teacher (Year 1 Year 2)
Mrs J Thomond, Beech Class Teacher (Year 3 & Year 4)
Mrs H Bulmer, Oak Class Teacher (Year 5 & Year 6)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Lawson, TA
Mrs D Dearden, TA
Mrs H Brewer, TA
Miss J Leigh, TA
Mrs K Benson, TA

Mrs E Martin, TA

Mrs D Hughes, TA & Mid-Day Supervisor
Miss J Cousin, TA & Mid-Day Supervisor
Miss N Gully, Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs L Brown, School Cook

Mrs Cook, Assistant Cook


Mrs Moppett, School Administrator - Part Time
Mrs H Molyneux, School Administrator - Part Time
Mr A Bliss, Site Manager

Peelers Breakfast and After School Club

Mrs A Oghabon, Peelers Manager

Miss J Cousins, Breakfast Club

Mrs H Brewer, Breakfast Club

Mrs E Smith, Playworker

Mx K Cornick, Playworker




Guidance, Inspiration and Support

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