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The School office is open between 8.45am and 3.30pm. Please get in touch if you need to let us know about your child or have any concerns, if you can't find what you need on the website or if you need any information in a paper format.

Tel: 01706 823498

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Office Staff

Mrs H. Molyneux
Mon to Wed

Mrs J. Moppett
Wed to Fri

Making a Payment

School Payments for meals, book bags, trips and preschool fees should be made through the Bury Council website. To make a payment to Emmanuel Holcombe you will need your child's Pupil Number. This will have been sent out when your child first enrolled at school. If you don't have the Pupil Number, please contact the office. To make a payment please follow these instructions:

  1. Select either Pay for School Meals, or Make a Payment to your Child's School for everything else.

  2. You can now Create an Account, Log In or Pay Without Registering.

  3. If you log in, you will see categories you have paid before. To see all categories, select Products and Services from the top menu.

  4. Instead of All Shops, change the drop-down menu to Emmanuel Holcombe Primary, leave all other filters blank.  On a mobile this is done through the Filters.

  5. Select the category you require.

  6. Type the amount you wish to pay and add to basket.

  7. When you are ready, checkout and choose your payment method

  8. Follow the rest of the instructions to make your payment.

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