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The National Curriculum states that schools may teach any modern or ancient foreign language and should focus on enabling pupils to make substantial progress in one language. At Emmanuel Holcombe we teach Spanish.

Our teaching provides the appropriate balance of spoken and written language and lays the foundations for further foreign language teaching at key stage 3. Teaching enables pupils to understand and communicate ideas, facts and feelings in speech and writing, focused on familiar and routine matters, using their knowledge of phonology, grammatical structures and vocabulary.  


Year 3 and 4 

  1. Join in confidently with most of the actions in songs, stories and rhymes. 

  1. Recognise the written form and meaning of most known vocabulary from the spoken word 

  1. Say / sing short, familiar rhymes or songs from memory 

listens and recognise the meaning of simple sentences 

  1. Match sound to written text and recognise the meaning of familiar language 

Year 5 and 6

  1. Join in readily with simple songs and stories, showing the ability to remember language listens and understands the meaning of complex sentences made up of familiar language 

  2. Follow the text of a familiar song or story with more detailed language and sing or read aloud. Understand most of the words 

  3. Listen to and understand complex sentences, answering questions or identifying key information 

  4. Follow and understand a song or story with more complex language 

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