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Emmanuel Holcombe outdoor learning vision


At Emmanuel Holcombe we have a strong ethos for outdoor learning and believe that it can be used in many cross curricular areas to strengthen and deepen pupils understanding and knowledge and create real life experiences for pupils. Through outdoor learning pupils will become confident, resilient and determined learners. The children are exposed to natural environments enabling them to gain understanding and respect for the natural world and all that lives within it.



Outdoor learning is incorporated into our everyday lessons. Outdoor learning is planned to enrich and enhance the children’s in-school learning experiences. This gives every pupil in the school the opportunity to enjoy and learn from our wonderful natural world on a regular basis. Children have the opportunities to learn specific outdoor skills. For example, using flint and steel to light fires to teach them about fire safety; respect for the environment, themselves and others; working within safe boundaries which they learn to recognise and manage themselves.

We use our local environment to support and enhance the learning.




By the time children leave our school they will have enjoyed hands on experiences learning outdoors which will add to their understanding and learning of a wide variety of curriculum areas. They will have developed imagination and creativity through exploration of the outdoors and will have developed resilience through challenging activities and working in all weathers. They also will have developed co-operation skills through team work. Pupils will have a good understanding of nature, the world around us, growing plants and vegetables and will have contributed to the development of our school grounds and looking after the world around us

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